Fine and superfine toquilla straw hats

Nov 07 , 2020


Yovanny Mero Pachay

Fine and superfine toquilla straw hats

Its origin is known to be the Julcuy site of jipijapa, later settling in Montecristi for having the ability to perfect it by giving it a touch of luxury and elegance in the fabric. Erroneously known as Panama Hat it is a work of art made by hand with the best toquilla straw fibers, it is originally from Montecristi Ecuador and exported to the world by tourists and businessmen who like this garment. It is used as a garment of elegance, protection from the sun as an accessory for important occasions.

The artisans with enthusiasm and dedication will make the superfine hats for months, making a perfect finish taking into account the cool climate, otherwise we would not have the best quality.

The work consists of boiling the toquilla straw that is extracted from the bark of the plant, to eliminate the chlorophyll and drying it with heat using charcoal and sulfur so that it takes the most natural color possible, with this raw material the weavers make first The elaboration of the assembly or beginning to shape the template, its crown and therefore the brim to finally have the shape of a hat (thick and thin hats) for thick ones takes three days and fine ones from six to eight months (super thin hats) . Toquifina defines the hat not so much by its degree or fineness, but rather it is having the best fabric to have better weavers or weavers. There are some towns where hats are woven, in the Pile de Montecristi community, and other good quality production sites in Montecristi, there are also hats that are of a lower range in the province of Manabí Montecristi.

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